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White Haven Witches Books 9 - 12 (HARDBACK)

White Haven Witches Books 9 - 12 (HARDBACK)

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Save money and buy three books in a bundle!

Chaos Magic: The rules have changed.

Reeling from the events that revealed other witches were behind the attack on Reuben and Caspian, the White Haven witches don’t know who to trust. The path they follow is dark and twisted and leads them in directions they can’t predict. Knowing who to trust is the only thing that may save them.

Stormcrossed Magic: As the wheel turns, Lughnasadh heralds more than just the dark days of winter.

White Haven is full of visitors making the most of the summer holidays, but when two die in inexplicable circumstances, and unearthly screams resound across the moors, fear descends on the town.

The excitement surrounding the upcoming Lughnasadh festival turns to dread as more deaths follow. The witches and Newton scramble to discover the cause, but unfortunately, they have more than just the recent deaths to deal with.


Wyrd MagicSamhain is approaching. The past draws closer. A reckoning is coming.

Avery and her coven are looking forward to celebrating Samhain, and the townsfolk are preparing to honour their ancestors with the Walk of the Spirits. But then Ben disappears from Old Haven Church, leaving no clue as to where he has gone.

Panic-stricken, the witches and their friends widen their search, but when they can’t find him, they have to accept that he’s 
somewhere else—somewhere their spells can’t reach.

Midwinter MagicMidwinter brings new enemies to White Haven.

Overnight, just before Yule, everything changes in White Haven. A huge snowstorm seals the town, and no one can leave or enter. The witches feel that nothing seems quite right – but they don’t know why.

For those that are trapped outside the town, the risks are all too real. There are inexplicable deaths, an unnatural amount of snow, fantastical ice sculptures, and a magical wall around White Haven.

Four fantastic stories, great characters, and non-stop magic and action.

*These hardbacks features an illustrated title page and chapter headings that are unique to the hardback. Printed on premium white paper.

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