TJ Green, author of paranormal mysteries, urban fantasy, and YA Arthurian fantasy.

I was born in England, in the Black Country, but moved to New Zealand in 2006. I lived near Wellington with my partner Jase, and my cats Sacha and Leia. However, in April 2022 we moved again! Yes, I like making my life complicated… I’m now living in the Algarve in Portugal, and loving the fabulous weather and people. When I’m not busy writing I read lots, indulge in gardening and shopping, and I love yoga.

Confession time! I’m a Star Trek geek – old and new – and love urban fantasy and detective shows. Secret passion – Columbo! Favourite Star Trek film is the Wrath of Khan, the original! Other top films – Predator, the original, and Aliens.

In a previous life I was a singer in a band, and used to do some acting with a theatre company. For more on me, check out a couple of my blog posts. I’m an old grunge queen, so you can read about my love of that here. For more random news, read this.

My Books

My witch fiction series is called White Haven Witches. This is an Urban Fantasy all about witches! It’s set in the fictional town of White Haven on the south Cornish coast in England. It’s my most popular series, and features female and male witches. Low on romance, high on action and magic! I also blend lots of English myth and legend into the stories. And they’ll make you laugh, too! You can read about them here.

My YA Arthurian series, Rise of the King (previously called Tom’s Arthurian Legacy), is about a teen called Tom and his discovery that he is a descendant of King Arthur. This is the first series I wrote, and it’s YA Arthurian Fantasy. Cue plenty of adventures with King Arthur, Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, and Merlin. It’s packed with Arthurian legend and mythical creatures, and is a fun-filled clean read with a new twist on the Arthurian tales. You can have a look at them here.

🌟 White Haven Hunters: Another Urban Fantasy series, and a spin-off from White Haven Witches. It features Shadow, a fey warrior, seven Nephilim, and an occult organisation called The Orphic Guild. Think Supernatural mixed with Indiana Jones. Plenty of banter, and a few exotic locations! Check them out here.

🌝 Storm Moon Rising: Urban Fantasy shifters spin-off in the White Haven World, and can be read as a standalone. There’s a crossover of characters from my other series, and plenty of new ones. There is also a new group of witches who I love! It’s set in London around Storm Moon, the club owned by Maverick Hale, alpha of the Storm Moon Pack. Audio will be available when I’ve organised myself!

I’ve got loads of ideas for future books including spin-offs, novellas, and short-stories, so if you’d like to be kept up to date, subscribe to my newsletter. You’ll get free short stories, free character sheets, and other fun stuff. Interested? Subscribe here.

Why magic and mystery?

I’ve always loved the weird, the wonderful, and the inexplicable. Favourite stories are those of magic and mystery, set on the edges of the known, particularly tales of folklore, faerie and legend – all the narratives that try to explain our reality.

The King Arthur stories are fascinating because they sit between reality and myth. They encompass real life concerns, but also cross boundaries with the world of faerie – or the Other as I call it. There are green knights, witches, wizards, and dragons, and that’s what I find particularly fascinating. They’re stories that have intrigued people for generations, and like many others I’m adding my own interpretation.

I love witches and magic, hence my second series set in beautiful Cornwall. There are witches, missing grimoires, supernatural threats, and ghosts, and as the series progresses weirder stuff happens. The spin-off, White Haven Hunters, allows me to indulge my love of alchemy, as well as other myths and legends. Think Indiana Jones meets Supernatural!

Have a poke around in my blog posts and you’ll find all sorts of posts about my series and my characters.

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