Reading Order of TJ's Books

I am frequently asked to share the reading order of my books, particularly the White Haven Witches (WHW) and White Hunters (WHH) series, because the timelines intersect, and the characters overlap. However, other than passing references to the storylines in the books, I try to keep them separate, so that you can read them however you prefer. For clarity, I’ll list them here in order of release and timeline within the series.

White Haven Witches and Hunters

  • Buried Magic, WHW #1
  • Magic Unbound, WHW #2
  • Magic Unleashed, WHW #3
  • All Hallows’ Magic, WHW #4
  • Undying Magic, WHW #5
  • Crossroads Magic, WHW #6
  • Spirit of the Fallen, WHH #1
  • Crown of Magic, WHW #7
  • Shadow’s Edge, WHH #2
  • Vengeful Magic, WHW #8
  • Dark Star, WHH #3
  • Chaos Magic, WHW #9
  • Hunter’s Dawn, WHH #4
  • Stormcrossed Magic, WHW #10
  • Midnight Fire, WHH #5
  • Wyrd Magic, WHW #11
  • Immortal Dusk WHH #6
  • Midwinter Magic WHW #12
  • Brotherhood of the Fallen WHH #7
  • Sacred Magic WHW #14

White Haven and the Lord of Misrule is a Yuletide novella that can be read at any point after Crossroads Magic. It’s designed as a standalone in the timeline.

Rise of the King

This series is set apart from the others, although it is set in the world where Shadow, my fey warrior, comes from.

  • Call of the King #1
  • The Silver Tower #2
  • The Cursed Sword #3

Storm Moon Shifters

This is a new series in the White Haven World, and has a few old characters such as Harlan Beckett and Maggie Milne, and many new ones! It can be read separately to the Hunters and Witches series, as it doesn’t overlap timelines/stories at all. It features the shifters from Storm Moon, the club in Wimbledon, London, who first appeared in Dark Star, White Haven Hunters #3.

  • Storm Moon Rising #1
  • Dark Heart #2

Moonfell Witches

This series features the mysterious and magical witches who live in Moonfell, the sprawling Gothic mansion in London. They first appeared in Storm Moon Rising, Storm Moon Shifters Book 1, and then in Immortal Dusk, White Haven Hunters Book 6, and features characters from both series. However, this series can be read as a standalone.

  • The First Yule: Novella
  • Triple Moon: Honey Gold and Wild #1

I hope this has helped, and I’ll keep this page updated.