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White Haven Witches Books 7 -12 (PAPERBACK BUNDLE)

White Haven Witches Books 7 -12 (PAPERBACK BUNDLE)

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Crown of Magic, Vengeful Magic, Chaos Magic, Stormcrossed Magic, Wyrd Magic, and Midwinter Magic in one bundle for a great price!

Crown of Magic: With the Beltane Festival approaching, the preparations in White Haven are in full swing, but when emotions soar out of control, the witches suspect more than just high spirits. The May Queen brings desire, fertility, and the promise of renewal, but love can also be dark and dangerous.

Vengeful Magic: Midsummer is approaching and Avery, Alex, and the White Haven witches, are making plans to celebrate Litha, but everything stops when paranormal activities cause havoc. Smuggler's gold is found that dates back centuries, and a strange chain of events is set in motion. Some things are meant to stay buried...

Chaos Magic: Reeling from the events that revealed other witches were behind the attack on Reuben and Caspian, the White Haven witches don’t know who to trust. The path they follow is dark and twisted and leads them in directions they can’t predict. Knowing who to trust is the only thing that may save them.

Stormcrossed MagicWhite Haven is full of visitors making the most of the summer holidays, but when two die in inexplicable circumstances, and unearthly screams resound across the moors, fear descends on the town.

Wyrd MagicAvery and her coven are looking forward to celebrating Samhain, and the townsfolk are preparing to honour their ancestors with the Walk of the Spirits. But then Ben disappears from Old Haven Church, leaving no clue as to where he has gone

Midwinter Magic: Overnight, just before Yule, everything changes in White Haven. A huge snowstorm seals the town, and no one can leave or enter. The witches feel that nothing seems quite right – but they don’t know why.

Reviews: “I just love these stories. The Cornwall witches have me hooked, love the true to life interaction and attention to Wiccan faith. Highly recommend.”

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