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White Haven Witches Books 5-8 (HARDBACK BUNDLE)

White Haven Witches Books 5-8 (HARDBACK BUNDLE)

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Books 5 - 8 of the White Haven Witches series in one witchy binge-reading bundle!

If you love magic and witches, you’ll love the horror of vampires, the earthy wonder of the Green Man and the Raven King, the passion of Beltane, and the thrill of pirate gold!

Undying Magic: Winter grips White Haven, bringing death in its wake. It’s close to the winter solstice when Newton reports that dead bodies have been found drained of their blood. Then people start disappearing, and Genevieve calls a coven meeting. What they hear chills their blood.

Crossroads Magic: When myths become real, danger stalks White Haven. The Crossroads Circus has a reputation for bringing myths to life, but it also seems that where the circus goes, death follows. When the circus sets up on the castle grounds, Newton asks Avery and the witches to investigate.


Crown of Magic: Passions run deep at Beltane - too deep. With the Beltane Festival approaching, the preparations in White Haven are in full swing, but when emotions soar out of control, the witches suspect more than just high spirits. The May Queen brings desire, fertility, and the promise of renewal, but love can also be dark and dangerous.

Vengeful Magic: Supernatural creatures unleash violence across Cornwall. Midsummer is approaching and Avery, Alex, and the White Haven witches, are making plans to celebrate Litha, but everything stops when paranormal activities cause havoc. Smuggler's gold is found that dates back centuries, and a strange chain of events is set in motion. Some things are meant to stay buried...


These hardbacks have matt covers, premium white paper, and new chapter images.


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