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White Haven Hunters Books 1 -7 (PAPERBACK BUNDLE) Complete Series!

White Haven Hunters Books 1 -7 (PAPERBACK BUNDLE) Complete Series!

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Indulge your inner occult hunter and buy the entire White Haven Hunters series for a binge-worthy experience!

One headstrong fey, seven Nephilim, and an American occult collector make for an action-packed ride!

Spirit of the Fallen: When the team break fey magic that seals an old tomb, they find it contains more than they bargained for. Now they’re hunting for a rogue spirit, but he always seems one step ahead.

Shadow’s Edge: Join Shadow, Gabe, and Harlan as they search for the Temple of the Trinity. The Nephilim find it has unsettling links to their past.

Dark Star: When an arcane artefact is stolen from the Order of the Midnight Sun, Shadow and Gabe are hired to track it down, pitting them against a new enemy.

Hunter's DawnAn ancient inscription raises more questions than answers. When they find a Black Cronos hideout, they discover an ancient Sumerian stone tablet that forces them to rethink the Nephilims’ history – and Black Cronos’s plans.

Midnight Fire: When Shadow and Gabe are employed to follow new clues to the fabled lost Templar treasure, they think they’re the only ones looking for it. Until they're almost killed.

Immortal Dusk: A citadel crowned in ice. An ancient message that contains a warning. The clash of ancient powers. Black Cronos and a Fallen Angel make a heady mix!

Brotherhood of the Fallen: The Nephilim have a new enemy. Belial, the Fallen Angel who brings destruction and madness, has a foothold in the present, and he refuses to leave without a fight.

If you love English banter, cheeky humour, and loads of occult action, you’ll love this spin-off to the White Haven Witches series. Grab your copy now!


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