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Midnight Fire: White Haven Hunters Book 5 (Paperback)

Midnight Fire: White Haven Hunters Book 5 (Paperback)

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The lost treasure of the Knights Templar is within reach.

When Shadow and Gabe are employed to follow new clues to the fabled lost Templar treasure, they think they’re the only ones looking for it.

Until they’re almost killed.

Unfortunately, their opponents are devious and underhand, which means Shadow and Gabe need to be, too.

However, the team is split, with half of the Nephilim searching for Black Cronos. The path is dark, twisted, and very dangerous.

From an ancient English castle to a French château with a bloody history, Midnight Fire takes you on a wild adventure you can’t resist.

Join the Nephilim, Shadow, and Estelle, for thrills, banter, and non-stop action now!

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