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Immortal Dusk: White Haven Hunters Book 6 (Paperback)

Immortal Dusk: White Haven Hunters Book 6 (Paperback)

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A citadel crowned in ice. An ancient message that contains a warning. The clash of ancient powers.

Nahum thinks he’s accompanying Olivia on a simple retrieval for The Orphic Guild, but finds something far more sinister. Relics connected to the Fallen.

Relics that can send people mad and incite violence.

But he hasn’t the time or resources to deal with them now. The Nephilim are spread thin. JD needs an artefact to unlock the Emerald Tablet, and a team are sent to Egypt to steal it.

Behind everything lurks the threat of Black Cronos. The hunt for the mysterious Comte de St Germain’s base continues, and their research takes Barak and Estelle to the Pyrenees, and a remote citadel on a snowy mountain top.

With the Nephilim tied up with their various pursuits, Harlan, Jackson, and Olivia are vulnerable. They think they’re prepared—until they’re attacked and Jackson is kidnapped.

As events connect, the threat intensifies.

Everyone must remain vigilant, or they will lose everything.

Immortal Dusk is packed with edge of your seat excitement, twists, betrayal, and unputdownable urban fantasy. Get the sixth book in the White Haven Hunters series now, and prepare for a wild ride into the unknown.

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